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As responsible, community minded owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our buildings operate with sustainable features. 

By reducing our carbon footprint within each of our buildings, we are helping to build a sustainable environment for our community. 

We invest in sustainable practices through our local utility providers and local energy performance companies.

We look to partner with all of our tenants for reduced heating/cooling periods, lighting schedules and overall conscientious energy practices to help reduce our energy footprint. 

We also encourage our tenants to develop their own sustainable practices within their units.  

Investing in Sustainable Practices 

In partnership with PMC Energy and NB Power, we upgraded the warehouse lighting at our 105,000 SF facility located at 345 English Dr in Moncton, NB. 

We installed high efficiency, LED lighting with motion sensors throughout the facility. This will result in 275,000 less KwH being used per year.

We are using less electricity to light our warehouse and the lights are only on when an employee is working in a specific area. 

Implementing Green Policies

After retrofitting our lighting and HVAC systems in partnership with PMC Energy and NB Power, our building at 653 St George Blvd is now only producing 413,000 KwH per year compared to 700,000 KwH. 

This was made possible by our tenants providing their operational hours and our systems being placed on sensors and timed controls so they are only in use when our tenant's space is occupied. 

For every holiday, we modify the occupied schedule to further reduce our energy footprint while our tenant's are home enjoying well deserved family time!

Tenant Sustainable Practices

Located at 300 Baig Blvd in Moncton, NB, Canadian Energy is harnessing the power of the sun with the installation of over 50 solar panels on their rooftop which will produce 18kw of energy.

With 14 hours of labor, the completion of this solar panel project makes it the largest 3 phase solar array in the province.  

These solar panels will help reduce energy costs within their 7,200 SF facility and will also help lessen their carbon footprint.

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