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Atlantic Commercial Properties 


Let us solve your leasing space requirements from warehouse to office. With our competitive rates, flexible leasing, and turn-key spaces, ACP is your preferred choice for commercial space. We offer a friendly, personalized service with a diverse portfolio that can meet all of your business needs. 

Commercial Leasing
Commercial Leasing 

Since 1982, ACP has been leasing commercial space to companies across Atlantic Canada. We are proud to offer 1.3 million in square feet that can accommodate both office and warehouse facilities in the same unit. ACP believes in providing our clients with buildings that are maintained and turn key while also offering our clients the support needed to expand their businesses and operate within their financial budgets. Our team is committed to your business success. 

In House Maintenance Team - Immediate Service


ACP understands that the maintenance of our buildings directly affects your company's profitability. That is why we invest time and money into ensuring our buildings are looked after inside and out. We believe in open communication and our clients are free to contact us at any time to notify us of any concerns. 

Warehouse and Distribution Center
Atlantic Warehouse Solutions 

Atlantic Warehouse Solutions brings 30 years of warehousing experience to your company. AWS caters to clients who do not need office space but do need warehousing space. Our facilities offer flexible warehousing schedules and of course, competitive warehousing rates. 

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